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  HESON LIGHTING DESIGN & PROJECT CO.,LTD is a company specialize in urban landscape, city lighting , stree lightenning, indor lighting ,landscaping ,lighting control system and so on ,also we have construction capacity in project construction.

We have 11 years professional experiences in lighting design and lighting project construction , main project such as :Shenyang Jingguo city lighting project , shenyang north railway station lighting project, Shenyang Changqing bridge lighting project , Liaoning Penjin government building lighting project ,Shenyang city Shenhe District lighting project, Mudanjiang city lighting project, Songhua river lighting project ,Harbin Qiulin business area landscape lighting project, Harbin Ankang bridge landscape lighting project , Harbin Youyi bridge landscape lighting project , Harbin Jingding plaza lighting project , Harbin Qunli new district lighting project ,Harbin Jinghe park landscape lighting project , Harbin music long Corridor european-style buildings lighting project ,Harbin Henghe Tiangxia high-grade building lighting project ,Harbin music park landscape lighting project , Heilongjiang Sifeng mountain tourist area lighting project,etc .
Through year’s efforts , our team is getting more and more mature and stronger . Now we have professional constructor, electrical and mechanical engineer, designer , project manager , budget division , cost estimator, etc , and also have with many years of experience in project design and construction.. Our spirit is pragmatic integrity , technological innovation , safety and quality first .It is sincerely service customers and city landscape lighting .
[email protected]  Jiangmen?HeSon?Group
Factory Address: Heson Industry Park,No.30,XingYe Road ,JiangHai Area, Jiangmen City,Guangdong Province ,China       Phone/Fax: 0750-3778922 / 0750-3778926
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