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JIANGMEN HUALI HARDWARE CO.,LTD is a professional company specialize in developing aluminum die-casting molds ,hardware mould and others products . Main products : aluminum alloy die casting products , lighting fittings , electric fittings , motorcycle accessories , car accessories and all kinds of industrial hardware accessories . We have mold processing workshop , aluminum alloy die casting workshop , hardware workshop and CNC machining center .

We have over 10 years experience in die casting mould’s design and production , our mould designers and engineersare rich experience in this line , can help client in production design ,also satisfy diffrence quality demend , now we have the \advanced full automatic die casting equipment and hardware processing equipment , aluminum alloy die casting technology and hardware processing technology have achieve the highest industrial-leading ,the quality have won many praise of our customer .

Now company staff alltogether to do our best to service our customer basic on the quality and technology

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Factory Address: Heson Industry Park,No.30,XingYe Road ,JiangHai Area, Jiangmen City,Guangdong Province ,China       Phone/Fax: 0750-3778922 / 0750-3778926
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