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JIANGMEN XINGHE LIGHTING CO.,LTD is a company specialize in LED chips encapsulation technology. Our engineer have rich experience in photoelectric properties research , have got unique achievement in LED light source color rendering , consistency,brightness,light failure ,heat dissipation,light efficiency,protection, SMD encapsulation technology and COB encapsulation technology , can meet our customer requirements of technology.

We have automatic LED chips encapsulation line ,which imported from German . Also have the dust-free workshop with high standards and many LED encapsulation engineers which all have above 8 years line experience. To meet the market ,we are specialize in produce LED SMD chips and COB source and high-power integrated LED light source .   

Company staff sincere desire to your support and trust by our integrity ,focus and quality.

[email protected]  Jiangmen?HeSon?Group
Factory Address: Heson Industry Park,No.30,XingYe Road ,JiangHai Area, Jiangmen City,Guangdong Province ,China       Phone/Fax: 0750-3778922 / 0750-3778926
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